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On Demand

Videos by UMBC artists are featured On Demand, a Light City exhibition of time-based digital content. On Demand will host a curated program of looped video and time-based media content, exploring the range and diversity of experimental forms of cinema made locally and abroad. A dedicated stop on the BGE Light Art Walk will host On Demand, where a 12 by 20 foot LED screen will serve as the platform for the looped program.

Vin Grabill
Vin Grabill
, associate professor of visual arts, will present Frontier, a visually-rich abstract environment that blends together a wide assortment of video imagery, ranging from natural phenomena (water, sky, etc.), to rapidly-scanned street scenes, to manipulated faces shot off a television screen. Central to the visual field is a slowly moving window frame structure that allows these various visual sequences to be seen together, viewed both inside and outside the animated “window” openings, allowing for an ongoing figure/ground play of contrasting imagery. While these image pairings play out, additional visual elements eventually course across the picture plane like storms, sometimes obscuring the window frame structure beneath.

Timothy Nohe
Timothy Nohe, professor of visual arts, will present Firebird (2018), a silent video employing analog modular video synthesis.

Jeffrey Gangwisch
Jeffrey L. Gangwisch (’18 IMDA MFA) will present Organism, a 2014 exhibition of digital humans in digital environments, and Red Fantastic.

Justyna Kurbiel
Justyna Kurbiel (’18 visual arts) will present An Encounter with Some Ground Squirrels, a one minute visual documentary short observing an interesting type of squirrel in Montana’s Glacier National Park. The creatures are playful but have a powerful chirp. Like Easter Gray Squirrels, they cannot resist the temptation of a potato chip.